Meet Manyone

We are changing the face of Social by giving you control.

Manyone is your personal social media network.

All your data, every contact, every text, and every picture is stored on your own personal encrypted ledger—like a Blockchain but better. Everything is encrypted and only you have the keys. 

We believe decentralisation can change the internet, including social media.

Our mission is to empower direct human-to-human connections that are safeguarded privately by users and secured with personal encryption. We eschew all forms of surveillance and tracking, ensuring that your data is yours — forever!

Join us and help us make the world a better place. 

Current social media platforms use the Cloud to collect and store our data in return for providing a “free” service. Our data is used by companies to track our online activity and behaviour—this has turned users into the product of the Freemium business model.

People are tired of being the product. Manyone is the solution.

Manyone (by The Peer Social Foundation) is a self-sovereign Secure Messaging sand Identity sharing platform for your Android, or iOS smartphone. All of your data—every contact, every text, and every picture is stored in your own personal peer-validated container or ledger, like Blockchain but better.



Connections are personal.

They rely on a peer-validated exchange of encryption keys between a user or group of users to work.

Connections are anonymous.

They do not require any personal information like an email address or telephone number.

Connections are guaranteed.

The person or group you want to connect with will be the only one to receive your message.

You are in Control

Manyone users can choose what they want to see, browse privately, and will have full ownership of their content. 

You can establish a private, encrypted connection with other Peer users—allowing secure voice or text communication anytime, on your terms. 

You can establish a private, encrypted connection with anyone you meet allowing secure voice or text communication with anyone, anytime on your terms.

A Platform You Can Trust

There are no third party agents tracking your online activities or collecting your data. 

  • No Ads

  • No Spam

  • No connection to the outside world

Your own personal social network

Your network is owned, secured, and stored by you. Connect with like-minded people and create private groups—share what you wish, disconnect from groups/connections at anytime. 

You can even make some money or get some great discounts by agreeing to watch ads.

This is your social network so you have complete control.

Anytime you want to stop watching ads you can.

End unwanted connections

If you want to disconnect from any group or individual, you can simply delete them and they will no longer have any access to your network.

Manyone will offer a familiar, media-rich, newsfeed-based, user experience with one major difference—a decentralised network architecture.

Going Live Summer 2021

Manyone is New Technology + New Thinking

Decentralisation can be used to change the internet—starting with social media. Join us and help make the world a better place. 

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Feel free to send us a message if you simply want more info about our technology or if you are interested to become an early adopter.