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We are Peer Social

We are a team of dedicated decentralists who are researching and developing new architectures and technologies to solve some of the most pressing problems of our time—starting with social media.

Our Mantra is Responsibility

Social networks and Cloud providers require users to agree to terms which includes giving up control of their personal data in return for using their network or service. They use this agreement as a blanket authorization so they can track their users online activities and behaviours in order to sell them advertising.

It is called Surveillance Capitalism and we want to change this dynamic of user explotation by
returning control of user identity and authentication back to users.


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CanCon Comes to Social Media: Did the Canadian Government Just Make a Colossal Mistake?

Today, the Government of Canada amended the Broadcasting Act to account for the rise in…

Data Breaches Are The New Normal

Most Internet companies don’t build products with security in mind.

Being social is natural, today’s social media is not.

People are social beings and it is only natural to want to belong to a…

Many people use social media to make money and it is killing them.

Our data is worth a lot of money to social media companies. It was worth…

Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg must leave Facebook.

Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Facebook, is one of the most powerful women…

Reclaim Your Power: Decentralize the Social Networks

Douglas Rushkoff is an author, documentarian, and media theorist. He has written over twenty books…

Apple and Google weaponize their App stores and Fortnite says goodnight

On August 13th Apple kicked the uber-popular, Fortnite gaming App off the Apple App Store…

Whose News is Fake News?

Should governments decide what counts as news? In April, the government of Singapore proposed their…

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