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Get the info on what Peer Social is all about.

Social media should be yours, pure and simple.

Social media should be about sharing things in the best way that we can.

Peer will give you the ability to build your own network.

It’s not a question of “why,” it’s a question of “why not?”

Privacy would come in giving users complete control over their own experience.

Content is the sole reason people come to social media.

Decentralization, in its purest form is a direct connection between people and organizations that want to share data.

At Peer Social, we are determined to make decentralization user friendly

Decentralization has been attempted with social media, but we don’t feel current attempts go far enough.

We’re here to give users the ability to securely create a network.


Reclaim Your Power: Decentralize the Social Networks

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Douglas Rushkoff is an author, documentarian, and media theorist. He has written over twenty books on human autonomy in the digital age. In the article, “Why I am Leaving Facebook,”…

Apple and Google weaponize their App stores and Fortnite says goodnight

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On August 13th Apple kicked the uber-popular, Fortnite gaming App off the Apple App Store for violating store guidelines. Epic Games (the company behind Fortnite) immediately responded with a lawsuit…

Whose News is Fake News?

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Should governments decide what counts as news? In April, the government of Singapore proposed their version of an anti-fake news law called the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Bill.…

Are social media users to blame for the spread of fake news?

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Perhaps social networks should blame themselves. In July 2018,  WhatsApp removed the quick forward button and restricted the forwarding of messages on their platform in an attempt to stop the…