Peer F.A.Qs

Get the info on what Peer Social is all about.

FAQ #1:

Description: Social media should be yours, pure and simple.


FAQ #2:

Description: Social media should be about sharing things in the best way that we can.


FAQ #3:

Description: Peer will give you the ability to build your own network.


FAQ #4:

Description: It’s not a question of “why,” it’s a question of “why not?”


FAQ #5:

Description: Privacy would come in giving users complete control over their own experience.


FAQ #6:

Description: Content is the sole reason people come to social media.


FAQ #7:

Description: Decentralization, in its purest form is a direct connection between people and organizations that want to share data.


FAQ #8:

Description: At Peer Social, we are determined to make decentralization user friendly


FAQ #9:

Description: Decentralization has been attempted with social media, but we don’t feel current attempts go far enough.


FAQ #10:

Description: We’re here to give users the ability to securely create a network.