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We are dedicated decentralists. We are researching and developing new architectures, new solutions, and new technologies to solve some of the most pressing problems of our time—starting with social media.

Peer Social is a truly global company, a place for the best and brightest minds to work together and build something great. 

We are going to change the world!

Michael Cholod

Chief Executive Officer

Michael is a true child of technology. Starting with Pong in 1975, Michael grew up alongside video games, personal computers, the Internet, Social Media and the smartphone. Having witnessed the explosive growth of some of the most transformative technological innovation the world has ever seen, Michael has a keen sense of the good, the bad and the ugly sides of technology. Michael’s job at Peer is to drive our innovation forward with a conscience and represent the user in all decisions we make.

Quote: “Technology is not evil, people make it evil”

Adam Dymitruk

Chief Technology Officer

Adam is a pioneer in the event sourcing space working on one of, it not the, earliest event sourcing projects in the 2007-2008 timeframe. Scaling transactional aspects of systems led him to introduce PAXOS consensus algorithms into the event sourcing space. His career spans 3 decades where numerous systems design principles were employed. Adam developed Event Modelling to fill a gap in the industry when it came to designing Information Systems and is currently writing a book on the subject.

Quote: “I think of myself as an engineer, not as a visionary or 'big thinker.' I don't have any lofty goals.” - Linus Torvalds

Chris Trottier

Chief Community Officer

Chris has served in the social media industry for 10 years. Formerly Hootsuite employee #8, Chris began as a social media strategist who contributed to their viral growth. Afterward, he founded Hootsuite’s customer service department and then served as a revenue strategist. Chris has since started a consulting firm that assists tech start-ups with social media strategy, concentrating on community management. With Peer’s focus on decentralized, peer-to-peer social networking, Chris believes there’s incredible opportunity to engage communities concerned about security and privacy.

Quote: “All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret.” - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Edwin Ho

Advisor, Finance and Operations

Role: Responsible for finance and internal/external reporting for the business

Edwin is a 20 year veteran of the Vancouver tech industry. He is motivated by the constant desire to improve the processes and analytics that enable people to do business with each other. Experienced in finance, operations and system implementations he is able to translate user needs into effective business systems and processes. Edwin's role is to develop Peer's business and finance operations to provide a solid foundation for future growth.
Quote: “Our industry does not respect tradition – it only respects innovation.” - Satya Nadella

Farshad Abasi

Advisor, Information and Application Security

Farshad Abasi is an innovative technologist with over twenty years of experience in software design and development, network and system architecture, management, and technical instruction. With a keen interest in security from the start, he has become an expert in that aspect of computing and communication over the last 16 years. He is currently the CSO at Forward Security, with a mission to provide world class information security services, particularly in the Application and Cloud security domains. In addition, he co-founded Mirai Security, and spent the last decade as a senior member of HSBC Group's IT Security team with the most recent positions being the Principal Global Security Architect, and Head of IT Security of the Canadian division. Farshad is continuing a sixteen year stint as an instructor at BCIT where he shares his passion for information and network security, helping others build a career in this exciting field. He is also the security correspondent for CFAX radio, BSides Vancouver/MARS board member, Vancouver OWASP chapter lead, a CISSP designate, and a UBC CS alumnus.

Quote - “Free does not exist; at the end, there is always a trade off.”

Garnet McElree

Advisor - Marketing and Brand

Role: Responsible for the Peer Brand and Marketing efforts

Garnet McElree is an award-winning, Creative Director, Strategist and Marketing Consultant.

Working with some of North America’s largest and most diverse brands, Garnet’s background and experience includes traditional advertising, digital and branding to online and data marketing as well as ongoing professional speaking engagements. He has been a guest lecturer for the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, The Canadian Marketing Association and speaks regularly on consumer and business trends that impact consumer behaviour.

Keith Baker

Advisor, Marketing and Communications

Keith brings 20 years of marketing, communications, ecommerce, and brand management experience to the Peer team. Having led the marketing for global brands, based in North America and in Europe, he has a track record for driving growth across a wide range of product categories. Equally left-brained and right-brained, he blends the world of KPIs with creative thought, to make sure that the customer is always the centre of focus of any initiative. He is also a leadership coach who approaches life with curiosity, optimism and an endless search for what’s possible (a fitting style for a tech start-up that is set to make a whole lot of new things possible in the social space).
Keith’s role focuses on development and implementation of the marketing and communications strategy to help Peer share this exciting technology with the world.

Quote: “Impossible only means that you haven’t found the solution yet.” ~Anonymous

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